Want to be a YoFlo Brand Ambassador?

Imagine creating, eating and posting your way through summer!  If this sounds like your way to spend life then read on!

Byron Bay

3/19 Lawson Street, Byron Bay

02 6680 7905


Open 7 days

Do you know what makes for an amazing image?

Whether you’re a pro or a lover of photos we can help you with tips and tricks to take your IG posts to the next level!

Do you love telling stories through photos?

We’ve got a brand, we got a story and we got a product that’s great for storytelling!

Got a habit of capturing epic pics of you and your friends?

Some of us just love capturing a good photo moment, if your photos make people smile without free YoFlo imagine how they’ll look spending their day eating Australia’s best froyo on the house!

Then Come Join Our Team

Why not take awesome photos and let us feed you with bottomless YoFlo!

That’s right, we want photos of you and/or your friends with cups in hand and having fun.  If you’re taking great pics we’re sending you great gift vouchers.

We need fun-loving, sun searching, summer kissing  people to be our brand ambassadors

  1. Sign up to be a brand ambassador
  2. After you nail your first YoFlo image and post and/or send it to us we can send you a YoFlo gift voucher
  3. So you can then create another masterpiece
  4. For you to take to an amazing place
  5. So you can capture it for an epic post
  6. If we can use it, we post it, and you instantly receive another gift voucher to do it all again!


How do I receive my gift vouchers?

You’ll need to send us the image via email, then if we can use it, we’ll schedule it and you’ll get a gift voucher emailed to you to use when you want!

Do I need to post the image on my own account to receive the gift voucher?

Nope, any image we can use you ’ll receive a $5 voucher, but if you post it to your account either on Stories or your page you’ll get a $10 voucher.

How many vouchers can I get per week?

Every time we receive a great image and either schedule it or post it, you’ll receive a great gift voucher!

Is this open to anyone?

Anyone and everyone who loves Yoflo and can take an awesome shot!

What do I do from here?

Click through to our application page so we have your details, you’ll receive instructions in an email and you’re away!