Frozen Fruit, Healthy Breakfast Smoothies and Dessert

What’s your flavour? Enjoy delicious frozen yoghurt the way you like it – anytime of the day! Here’s the list of our froyo, smoothies and coffee, or grab a healthy breakfast bowl with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit first thing in the morning!


Frozen Yoghurt

Self service, have fun creating your own!

1. grab a cup
2. help yourself
3. weigh & pay


Natural Yoghurt

With muesli and toppings of your choice

choose your muesli:
– toasted; – bircher; – granola
* paleo option

choose your toppings:
3 free
* additional toppings, blueberries



With muesli and toppings of your choice

with strawberries, bananas, goji berries & organic coconut chips

choose your muesli:
– toasted; – bircher; – granola
* paleo option

* additional toppings, blueberries



Explore our 7 delicious smoothie types

Wategot Sunset
mango yoflo + banana, pineapple + coconut water, topped with pineapple

Rio Life
acai + strawberries, banana, fresh blueberries, coconut water

In The Hammock
natural yoflo + banana, passionfruit, strawberries, honey, crushed nuts + milk, topped with muesli

Banana Spice
natural yoflo + banana, honey, cinnamon + milk

Yoberry Smash
berry yoflo + strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cloudy apple juice

Coco Banana
chocolate yoflo + banana, chocolate + milk, topped with tim tams

Peach Sunrise
natural yoflo, peach base + banana, strawberries + milk
* additional toppings, blueberries


Breakfast Bowls

Explore our breakfast bowls (after 8am)

Bircher Muesli, fresh yoghurt + fruit
Toasted Muesli, fresh yoghurt + fruit
Paleo Muesli, fresh yoghurt + fruit
Any Breakfast Bowl + Reg coffee